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Self-Drilling Full Thread GFRP Hollow Injection Rockbolt
Published:2014-3-26 16:02:22       Clicks:3558


Self-Drilling Full Thread GFRP Hollow Injection Rockbolt


Self-Drilling Full Thread GFRP Hollow Injection Rockbolt are made of Hard alloy rotation bit, Full thread hollow GFRP bolt rod, Stop grouting plug, Base plate, Nut and Adapter sleeve. The Hard alloy rotation bit be assembled on the end of bar, self-drill in combination with the injection work. 


1.       这是破碎围岩、软弱围岩、高地应力大变形等复杂地质条件的最佳施工方案,它避免了因为塌孔对施工的影响。It be the best solution to the complicated geological conditions such as the Broken surrounding rock, Weak surrouding rock, High geostress large deformation etc..  It avoid any hole collapse happen to block the construction.

2.       中空设计,使锚杆实现了注浆管的功能,避免了传统施工工艺注浆管拔出时造成的砂浆流失。Hollow design, realize the injection function, it avoid the loss of mortar in the traditional construction techology.

3.       注浆饱满,并可实现压力注浆,提高工程质量Realize the filled grounting, as well as the presure injection, improve the quality of engineering.

4.       由于各配件的作用,杆体的居中性很好,砂浆可以将锚杆体全长包裹,达到最佳支护的效果。Under the mutual effect of all components, the rod own the good feature of neutrral position,the mortar cover the rod compeletely, realize the best supporting result.

5.       杆体为全螺纹玻璃纤维材料,杆体的全螺纹锚固力更强,树脂玻璃纤维特性避免了金属类杆体锈蚀的危险,达到长期支护的目的。Full thread rod be made from the Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic(GFRP) , own the stronger anchoring force, especially the character of corrosion resistant be for the permanent support, better than metal rod.

6.       在隧道初期施工等需临时支护工程中更方便、容易盾构、掘进开挖 It is more convenient in any demand of temporary support, such as during the beginning of the tunnel construction, it is easy to shield and excavation.

7.       安装、施工方便。It is very convenient to assemble and to construct.

二、施工方法:Construction method
  主要应用于破碎岩层、软弱围岩、高地应力大变形等复杂地质条件,进行支护、抢险、治理坍方等自钻注浆的一切场合,适用范围广,功能高。Apply to the complicated geological conditions such as the Broken surrounding rock, Weak surrounding rock, High geostress large deformation etc… for the normal supporting, the emergency supporting, the collapse supporting and other situation need the self-drilling & injection, it is wide application and good effective.   

待砂浆完全凝固后锁紧螺母。当在隧道、边坡支护或水电站施工中,可用大直径锚杆代替潜孔钻钻杆,进行钻孔注浆,威力更大,作用比锚索更强,更快捷方便,施工成本更低。Assemble the hard alloy rotation bit on the end of bolt rod, directly drill by the Bolt rod which instead of drill pipe, the gadder couple the adapter sleeve on another end of bolt rod, when the drill length meet the design requirement, mount the Stop grounting plug, plate and nut, then start the injection, lock the nut tightly after the mortar are cured. In the construction of tunnel, slope support and hydropower station, adopt the major diameter bolt rod instead of DTH drill pipe, to drill and grout, it is more stronger, the effective is better than Bolt cable, more convenient but lower cost.       


Regular Specification :  Outer Diamenter : 25mm, 28mm, 32mm